The 6ft Rabbit Hutch

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The 6ft Rabbit Hutch

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A large single story 6ft x 2ft x 2ft Rabbit Hutch .... designed in accordance to the R.W.A.F. and R.S.P.C.A size recommendations.

The 6ft Rabbit Hutch is our largest rabbit hutch. If you are rehoming a rabbit from a charity or RSPCA then this is the hutch to go for.

massive rabbit hutch

With internal dimensions of over 6ft by 2ft by 2ft, this hutch is made according to the RWAF’s, RSPCA’s and most Rabbit Adoption Charities size guidelines.

6ft Rabbit Hutch Near Me

The build quality is top-notch and far superior in many ways to the other 6ft hutch hutches being sold online.

6ft Hutch

We've used all tongue and groove construction - including the back panels to make this a much sturdier design when comparing competitors hutches that use a cheaper plywood design to cut costs.

big rabbit hutch

The wooden framework used in this large single story rabbit hutch is thicker than other 6ft hutches being sold in this price range.

Two of the four large doors are designed with our custom made 1.8mm thick wire which provides a sturdy barrier and a place to secure a water bottle and allow in some air and light.

Well Made RWAF sized hutch

Both doors come with 2 x green canvas flaps that you can conveniently roll down during bouts of bad weather or at night.

6ft Rabbit Hutch

Inside, the entire floor is covered with a thin black plastic lining which will make it much easier to clean than a hutch that doesn't have this handy feature.

solid rabbit hutch 6ft

The hutch is slightly raised above the ground to help keep the damp and cold away. Each of the 6 supporting legs is capped with a sturdy rot-proof black 'foot' so you can put your hutch on any surface.

The feet are also adjustable too, by up to 2cm, so you can balance the hutch if the ground is not even.

very large rabbit hutch

Most importantly there is plenty of space with plenty of height inside for your rabbits to fully stand up. There is also a separate ‘quiet area’ then they can quickly retreat to if they want.

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The Six Foot Rabbit Hutch Measurements

6ft by 2ft by 2ft rabbit hutch

Total footprint (in feet) : x Length 6.57 ft x Width 2.67 ft x Height 3.26 ft (including overhanging roof)

Total footprint (in cm) : Length 200.5cm x Width 81.5cm x Height 99.5cm (including overhanging roof)

Total footprint (in inches) : Length 79" x Width 32" x Height 39" (including overhanging roof)


Internal meaurements: x Length 6 ft x Width 2.11 ft x Height 2.15 - 2.72 ft

Internal meaurements (in centimeters) : Length 183 cm x Width 64.5cm x Height 66 - 83 cm

Internal meaurements (in inches) : Length 72" x Width 25.4" x Height 26 - 32.6 "

Total internal floorspace (in feet) : 17.5 ft


Box Sizes

Box 1 of 3: 96cm x 99cm x 11cm = 16kg
Box 2 of 3: 99.5cm x 99cm x 13cm = 14kg
Box 3 of 3: 109cm x 82cm x 11cm = 22kg



Included are the instructions with clear and concise diagrams. Each bag of screws or bolts is labelled and shown on the instructions so there is no confusion when you come to put the house together. Estimated construction time 40 to 60 minutes.

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1. Is there a Cover for the 6ft Rabbit Hutch?

Yes, they are currently in production and we are hoping to launch them at the end of the year. Below is what they will look like. Tight-fitting, thick material that goes all the way around and with access to all 4 doors.

6ft Hutch Cover


2. Is there a Run for the 6ft Rabbit Hutch?

At this moment we don't have a run for the 6ft hutch but it is something that is next on our 'to-do' list. Watch this space!


3. Is the 6ft Rabbit Hutch big enough for two rabbits?

Yes, at over 6ft by 2ft by 2ft this hutch has been specifically designed for people who plan to adopt their rabbits and give them as much space as possible.


4. Is the 6ft Rabbit Hutch fox proof?

We would like to think that our 6ft Rabbit Hutch is made to a higher standard than most other suppliers in its price range. While we have purposely used thicker, sturdier wood, wire and locks with the aim to make it as safe and secure as possible for your pets we cannot absolutely guarantee that foxes and other predators won’t try and target them.

Foxes are by far the biggest threat that your pet will face so if you are going to keep your rabbits or guinea pigs outside then we also urge you to take these added precautions especially if you know you have foxes in your area.


5. Is the wood treated?

Yes, the 6ft Rabbit Hutch comes with a base coat treatment of wood preservative. But as with all outdoor wooden structures in our harsh climate, we recommend that the timber is treated on a regular basis to ensure a long life. There are many popular products available with Cuprinol , Ronseal and Wilkinson amongst the better-known brands. A lot of customers use and recommend these:

Recommended Wood Preservative 1  and Recommended Wood Preservative 2

Moving Your 6ft Hutch

This is a big hutch which can be moved if needed. However, due to weight and size, this should only be undertaken by two people. We do not recommend that you push or pull the hutch if you want to move it to a new location. Doing so can result in you damaging the hutch or weakening the structure. Always carefully lift the hutch first when moving it to another location.


Caring For Your Hutch

As with most outdoor products the lifespan of your hutch can be dramatically prolonged just by taking a few simple steps. Click here for our product care guidelines.


Positioning Your Hutch

If you plan on keeping your hutch outside then we highly recommend that you position it in a protected area which is not overly exposed to the elements and protected at all times from high winds (or sudden gusts).


The Wood We Use

The majority of the wood we use in this product is a highly durable, kiln-dried white pine which is noted for its resistance to decay and rot. Most rabbit hutches made in the U.K use this type of wood. But unlike many other manufacturers, we use more of it.


You'll find that the framework is thicker and the majority of the hutch uses solid tongue and groove construction (and less cheap plywood). This is why our hutches tend to be sturdier, heavier and last longer than many of the cheaper options out there.


Dangerous Animals

We would like to think that our 6ft RWAF Sized Hutch is made to a higher standard than most other suppliers in its price range. While we have purposely used thicker, sturdier wood, wire and locks with the aim to make it as safe and secure as possible for your pets we cannot absolutely guarantee that foxes and other animals (dogs, badgers, stoats, cats) won’t try and target them.


Foxes are by far the biggest threat that your pet will face so if you are going to keep your rabbits or guinea pigs outside then we also urge you to take these added precautions especially if you know you have foxes in your area. (This advice also applies to other animals that may pose a threat.)


Click here for our free guide on how to keep your pet safe.


Unwanted Chewing

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that some rabbits and other rodents may chew parts of their hutch. This is out of our control and the onus really is on you to take the necessary precautions straight away to prevent or lessen the chance of them chewing parts of their hutch.


Our wooden hutches, like the majority of wooden hutch sold in the U.K, are not chew proof and we can't be held liable for any damage caused to or by your pet chewing or gnawing the product. Prolonged chewing can also weaken your hutch and decrease the protection they offer against foxes.


We recommend trying out our new Anti Chew Strips and taking a close look at all the steps you can take to stop or at least lessen the chances of your rabbit chewing things they shouldn't.


Click here for our free guide on how to stop unwanted chewing.