How To Stop Your Rabbit From Chewing Their Hutch

Chewing in rabbits is a very natural habit. If you check on the various forums online or even Google it you will see that many owners experience this problem from the start.

Bunny Chewing Cage

Understandably it is frustrating and annoying, but it is something that you should be able to control and prevent.

The onus is on you to take the necessary precautions to prevent or lessen the chance of them chewing parts of their hutch when you first notice it.

The key is trying to teach them what is appropriate for chewing and what is off-limits.


Have you provided any alternatives on which your rabbit can safely chew?


Things like branches from an apple or willow tree and a few chewable toys might also be worth considering. The more alternative items to chew on, and the greater variety, the better.

Rabbits also tend to chew out of boredom so try scattering and hiding their food around their hutch to encourage their natural foraging behaviour and to keep thembusy.

Empty cardboard boxes left empty or filled with hay, veggies or straware also a good option. You could even close them up and give your bunnies a challenge of trying to get the food out.

Also, try making their environment more stimulating.

You can use sisal rope to hang toys and food for them from the hutchor put some hay or veggies stuffed inside a toilet roll for them toflip around and play with.

There are also a variety of anti-chew sprays on the market which work to varying degrees As a matter of course, we would recommend you get yourself a few brands and see which one works best.

You should apply the spray directly to the affected area and keep reapplying it regularly so it doesn't lose its effectiveness. You could also try a cheap alternative like watered down vinegar spray and see if that does the trick.

It might also be an idea to reinforce the area they are chewing on.

A simple strip of new wood screwed or nailed onto the area might be a quick and easy solution to the problem and help keep your hutch intact. We've also heard of people tacking on a piece of aluminium to the chewed area or even wrapping some metal wire around the area to prevent their bunnies from getting access to it

Also every time you notice your bunny is starting to chew at their hutch try clapping your hands loudly and shouting “No!” Most people report that it’s easy to make their bunnies understand them and for some, disciplining them actually does work.

Hopefully, with a few of the suggestions listed above you will be able to get the chewing under control.