I have a question.

Can you I speak to you over the phone?


We fully understand that some people prefer to do things over the phone. 

However, the most efficient way for us to provide customers with support and answer questions is online and via email.

We are an entirely online business, with a distributed team and this makes phone support complex.  

When we first launched our business we had a telephone number at the top of each page and would regularly receive 20 to 30 calls a day.

And while we were thrilled that our phone was ringing off the hook and we were always very happy to help and pass on any knowledge we could, to be honest, it consumed a lot of our time.


Why we offer online support.


The thing is there are only 3 of us (in-house) that deal with the day-to-day. 

This not only includes answering queries but also preparing all orders for dispatch. Some days this is well over 200 items and its all hands on deck.

By checking for new emails in between tasks, we can respond quickly without affecting our work. 

Unplanned phone calls demand instant attention and have a much bigger impact on our ability to ensure we dispatch all our orders in time.

Email communication gives us a clear written record of all our contact with customers that any team member, no matter their location, can access.

Phone calls often lead to written notes that need integrating into a CRM or other database, which is less efficient.

Online queries allow us the time to look into the issue, doing any research and formulating a detailed and correct response. 

With a phone call, we're on the spot and the person taking the call may not be the best person to answer that query. 


Get in touch


We regularily have over 1000 people a day visiting our website and we have found that email works very well for us and 99.9% of all our customers and website visitors.

We've replied to over 60000 questions since we first launched back in 2009.

Send us an email and we will reply. 

The majority of questions and email inquiries are replied to within a few hours.

Please send your questions to:


email us

We answer most emails within a few hours during working hours.