I receive my order and it is damaged?


Unfortunately, from time to time an order arrives damaged. We know how annoying this can be because we order things online too and we too have opened a box only to find something is broken.

Please do not panic! We will sort this out as quickly as possible.

We have very good policies and procedures in place because we know how important it is we deal with this professionally. We will try to exceed your expectations.

The best thing and the quickest way to get the ball rolling is to simply email us with a few images of the damaged part. By doing this it helps us:

1. Identify the damaged part.
2. Work out whether the damaged occurred during transit or is the fault of our production and packing.
3. Most importantly, it allows us to put in a claim, either with the transport company (we have delivery insurance and we would like to use it) or to raise the issue with our production side and take steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again!

What we will do:

Once we have received your email and images we will contact you with details of when we will dispatch your new replacement part.

If we can get everything in order before 10am that day we will aim to dispatch your replacement in the afternoon so you get the part the following working day.

Damages are rare but they do happen. It’s the nature of the business. But we do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please bear with us as we try to make it right. Thanks.

Real Customer Comments

“In my opinion you only really find out how good a company's customer service is when things go wrong. They do, we all make mistakes, it's how those mistakes are rectified that make a company truly great. Based on your service so far we would definitely recommend you. It shows that you value customer satisfaction very highly”
Rob Wheeler - Perton in Staffordshire.

“I was really impressed at how quickly the order was dispatched and then when faulty the speed of your response and how it was dealt with I appreciated the contact which was made.
Jo Westmoreland - Nottingham.


Can we help

If you still have a question and would like to speak with us then just email:

email us

We answer most emails within a few hours during working hours