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Specifically designed to fit all our runs the new heavy duty run cover is perfect for keeping the rain off your pets and keeping the ground below nice and dry.

Made from thick (250 micron) clear vinyl with added UV protection our new run covers have not only been designed to be super strong but also very durable.

Each cover has been carefully cut and stitched and has 6 rust resistant hooks which attached easily to the run wire.

Unobtrusive and designed to blend in to your current set up the Run Cover will hardly be noticed by your pets.

The 145cm x 100cm cover dries quickly and folds down into a nice little bundle and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Large Rabbit Run

With this handy rain cover your pet rabbits or guinea pigs can make full use of their Highgrove Hutch With Run no matter what the weather!

The cover is currently selling for £22.90 but order one today and we'll give you a 20% discount. (Note: This is a one time 'checkout offer' which we can't repeat at a later stage.)


(Save 20% Today Only) : £17.95!

Buy Large Rabbit Run





No thanks - I just want the Highgrove Hutch With Run for now.